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Scott loves Diet Coke like crazy! How about you?

11/19/2018 by Scott Johnson

I love everything about Diet Coke. It makes me feel happy. It makes my mouth dance when I drink it, and it fills me with joy!

I love the sounds of fresh ice crackling as I pour Diet Coke into my steel insulated tumbler and that little layer of sweat on a really cold can or bottle is a beautiful thing. But where did my love for Diet Coke come from and when did it start? To find out, we have to go back to my diabetes diagnosis in 1980. I was five years old. As you can imagine, diabetes hit my family hard. But we kept working to figure it out together as life moved on (shout out to my amazing parents). Like most five-year-old kids, I often wanted something nice from the kitchen. That's where it got tricky for mom and dad.
With diabetes, almost anything in the kitchen was complicated. Especially in 1980, the days of exchanges, meal plans, and eating on a schedule dictated by the insulin. But a glass of water? No problem. A can of diet soda? Sure thing. Knock yourself out. So while nearly everything else in the kitchen was either off limits or needed a lot of work and planning as I grew up, a can of diet soda was a rewarding treat with no diabetes-related baggage to worry about.

Enter Diet Coke

It feels like Diet Coke has been around forever. But I have clear memories of drinking Diet Rite and Tab while growing up… So when did Diet Coke hit the scene? August 9, 1982. Which explains two years of messing around with substandard stand-ins. Thank you, Wikipedia. I did not know until just now, that Tab is also a Coca-Cola brand! Whaaat!
The other thing I realized while reading that Wikipedia entry is that Diet Pepsi has been around since 1963, but I can’t remember a single Diet Pepsi in our house growing up. What can I say? Mom must have known how deep my love for Diet Coke would run.

Because I know what's coming

Phil Graham is the bomb. Enjoy!
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Diet soft drinks have had their fare share of bashing over the years. The reality is they can be an effective addition to any diabetics fat loss or muscle building eating strategy. Not necessarily essential, but they do have some perks. _____ ✅ Taste great and help curb a sweet tooth. ✅ Save you the blood glucose spike that 20-40g sugar in a normal diet drink would provide. ✅Save you 80-200 calories per drink. ✅Help with fat loss. ✅Support blood glucose management. ✅Hydrating and refreshing. ✅Affordable. ✅Good alternative to alcohol in a night out. ______ ⛔️ The carbonic acid in diet soft drinks can be an issue for teeth if you don't practice good dental hygiene. ⛔️ Some people don't respond well to the sweeteners in diet drinks. ______ Do you consume soft drinks as part of your diet? And, What is the biggest rumour you have heard?

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A special day

Did you know that today, November 19th, is #CarbonatedBeverageWithCaffeineDay? I know, it sounds silly. But I couldn’t let it pass without sharing something about Diet Coke. It’s appropriate, right? So with that, I’d like to know, do you call it “Soda” or “Pop?” And are you in the Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi camp?

Scott Johnson

Almost famous for his addiction to Diet Coke, Scott has lived well with diabetes for almost forty years and is currently the Patient Success Manager, USA for mySugr. He's an active pioneer in the diabetes social media space and along with his work at mySugr, he manages his award-winning blog, when time allows.