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mySugr Insights – because you’re busy living

February 07, 2018 by Fredrik Debong

We do.

It started in October 2017 with us shooting out a message to about 2000 people, giving them an example of what we were thinking of doing with mySugr Insights. Turns out you guys have been waiting for exactly this – the feedback was ginormous! In December 2017 we launched the first version.

With the newly minted mySugr Insights, we help make sense of your data. We made our system smarter so that it now actively looks for patterns in your data, and lets you know what it finds. And not just by bubbling statistics in your general direction, but by giving you suggestions on what you can do to learn more about it. Cool, isn’t it?

Let me show you how it works!

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First things first – the patterns we look for

The Insights are based on therapy patterns that your diabetes educator or doc usually looks for. For instance, if you have a lot of hypos in the afternoon, wouldn’t this be great to know? Another one would be if you are often waking up with high BG’s, or drop after dinner… it’s SO easy to miss these things and that’s where the patterns come into play.

We scribbled a bunch of algorithms to make our system smarter, to be able to find these recurring events, these patterns in your data and help us to jump in and drop you a line just at the right time. So this is how it could look:

Knowing ain’t doing

Data means nothing if you don’t act with and on it.

We know that just being told that you’re high in the morning is not really helpful. To get you started on taking action yourself, our Insights give you some hints on what could cause the issue. We link the Insight to blog posts on how to make sense of the whole thing. And all this info comes in a simple and fun email straight to your inbox!

So that’s it! Simple, right? All you need to do for now is to activate the weekly reports in the app.

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Does it work?

It sure looks like it! We developed this new feature with the help of 500 users who helped guide our decisions. The feedback was fantastic and helped us to do things in the right way. The first Insight is now live and has already reached thousands of people.

  • More than 70% of the lucky ones open the emails we send out
  •  More than 40% also make use of the blog posts and further guidance
  • Some 5% of you let us know what they think and more than 90% liked what they saw!
  •  About 5% of you didn’t like it, and here’s the kicker – this was because you knew of it already! 

The system is brand new and so we’re only slowly ramping up; it may take a bit before you find an Insight in your inbox. We hope that once you do, you’ll love it just as much!

If you’d like more of this, do let us know! We’re always happy to learn!

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