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  • Woman shopping with cart

    5 unexpected sources of carbs

    Have you ever had something to eat or drink and were surprised by high blood sugars afterward? Congratulations! You found a source of surprise carbs!

    1/17/2019 by mySugr

  • 9 fun facts about Frederick Banting you need to know

    Frederick Banting discovered insulin in 1921 with his assistant Charles Best, saving millions of people with diabetes. He was born on November 14th, 1891 in Canada.

    11/14/2018 by mySugr

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  • New mySugr iOS navigation bar

    We recently made a few updates to the mySugr app (iOS only). Don’t panic...we changed the look of the app - not the content ;) We did it because, sometimes,...

    6/4/2019 by Ilka Gdanietz

  • Can you cure diabetes?

    You see it everywhere. On tabloids in checkout lines, on magazine stands, and in who knows how many messages in your email SPAM folder.

    1/22/2019 by Scott Johnson

  • The most important things to know about diabetes and alcohol

    Any gathering is a good opportunity to talk about drinking alcohol with diabetes and the effect on blood sugar, right?

    12/28/2018 by Scott Johnson

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