Type 2 Course

    Our type 2 diabetes course will not only teach you what’s happening inside your body but also how the diabetes monster ticks and what you can do to fight it. All that, whenever and wherever – whether mobile or on the web.

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    • Exciting educational videos

    • Tips & tricks

    • Developed with medical experts


    Every level helps you get to grips with your type 2 diabetes monster. Animated videos, articles and the Logbook app help you to stay on the ball. And rise to the challenge every day.

    1. 1.What is diabetes?

    2. 2.Blood sugar

    3. 3.How much and which food?

    4. 4.Smart food shopping

    5. 5.Healthy food

    6. 6.Daily exercise

    7. 7.Sport

    8. 8.New vs. old me

    9. 9.Metabolic syndrome

    10. 10.Motivation

    Developed with medical experts