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  • 2 million registrations

    2 million lives impacted. Celebrating a big milestone with you.

    Seven years ago, mySugr came to life when four feisty founders (try saying that fast, three times in a row!) came together to pursue a simple, yet audacious mission: make...

    11/8/2019 by mySugr

  • mySugr Reports Illustration

    Your walkthrough of mySugr Reports

    Looking for a walkthrough of mySugr reports? Join Molly Wagman, mySugr's US Clinical Manager and lead CDE, and Scott K. Johnson, Patient Success Manager, for a detailed overview of accessing...

    8/26/2019 by mySugr

  • Packed backpack ready for traveling

    Your head start to traveling with diabetes

    Traveling with diabetes can often be worrisome and cause some stress. We've got some tips, tricks, resources, and lists to cover the basics about taking your diabetes, to-go.

    8/22/2019 by mySugr

  • New mySugr iOS navigation bar

    We recently made a few updates to the mySugr app (iOS only). Don’t panic...we changed the look of the app - not the content ;) We did it because, sometimes,...

    7/18/2019 by admin

  • Your diabetes monster - friend or foe?

    Externalizing diabetes through your diabetes monster is a key part of mySugr's idea of making diabetes suck less. Do you see yours as friend or foe?

    2/3/2019 by mySugr

  • How to use the mySugr app to manage your diabetes

    Logging, tracking, managing, not very glamorous words. I’ve tried to make my paper logbooks more appealing multiple times in the past with stickers and 4-color pens, but nothing really worked...

    1/3/2019 by Clara Huet

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