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Scott Johnson


October 15, 2013

Big Blue Test Challenge

October 15, 2013 | By | 13 Comments

How does exercise or activity affect your blood sugar? Excellent question, Monster Tamer! Let’s challenge your sweat glands and find out! Do the Big Blue Test Challenge and you’re sure to learn something about how you respond to a little heart-pumping stimulation.

We’re super excited to be teaming up with one of our favorite diabetes organizations, Diabetes Hands Foundation, to bring you the Big Blue Test Challenge! This is a particularly big year, as it marks the fifth anniversary for the Big Blue Test, and we’re hoping to make it a year to remember!

Big Blue Test Challenge

What is a Big Blue Test?

Super easy! Download the mySugr Companion app if you don’t have it already, start the Big Blue Test Challenge, then:

  1. Check your blood sugar
  2. Get active
  3. Check your blood sugar again

Log your blood sugars and activity through the BBT Challenge and you’ll earn yourself some free Companion Pro days while contributing to the overall goal. It’s so sweet that you might need some insulin!
You can win the BBT Challenge once per day!
Can you win all 31 days?
1… 2… 3… GO!!!

Big Blue Test Average Blood Glucose Drop

Does Activity Really Matter?

Over the last four years, DHF has collected results from BBT participants. The data demonstrates that just 14 minutes of activity decreases BG levels between 15-20 percent on average. We think that’s strong evidence that activity can be a powerful tool in your diabetes management toolbox. Amazing stuff, right?

20k for $10k

The goal of the BBT this year is to collectively log 20,000 Big Blue Test entries between October 15th and November 14th. When this goal is reached, $10,000 in grants will be distributed to nonprofit organizations that serve people with diabetes living in need worldwide.
Two US-based nonprofits, St. Anthony’s Medical Clinic in San Francisco, CA and University of Colorado, Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Aurora, CO, will receive $2,500 each. An additional $5,000 will be granted to support projects in Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

#BigBlueTest Sharing?

Are you a twitter-holic? I’ll admit, I’m somewhat addicted… so I’m going to take advantage of the built in social sharing features of Companion to get in on the hashtag action at Do you see that row of images just above the video on the BBT website? That’s a changing stream of pics that have been hashtagged with #BigBlueTest – get yours up there!

Listen Up!

These groups will only get this support if 20,000 BBT entries are logged by November 14th, which means we need to kick ass and show the world what Monster Tamers can do! Each BBT Challenge you win counts towards the 20k goal and earns you some free Companion Pro time.

★★★ Let’s go! ★★★


  1. Scott I’m not sure how the app works with the challenge. Do I enter my numbers and then post them to social media?

    • Scott Johnson

      Hi Khürt!

      Thanks for the question.

      mySugr Companion is one of a few ways to participate in the Big Blue Test. We worked together with the Diabetes Hands Foundation to make a special challenge (found in the side menu, “Challenges” section) just for the BBT.

      Once you start the challenge you have a three hour window to log a blood sugar entry, an activity, and another blood sugar entry. That’s all it takes to win the challenge! You’ll earn a free day of mySugr Companion Pro features and it will also contribute a BBT entry toward the total goal of 20k that Diabetes Hands Foundation is working towards.

      You can win the challenge once per day.

      I’ve been doing a lot of social sharing just because I’m excited about the partnership (and the social features of Companion in general), but none of that is required for the challenge.

      Does that help? Let me know if I can clarify it better. I have a bad habit of overcomplicating things and get myself wrapped around the details sometimes.

  2. Cathy

    I don’t have a “fancy” phone. Can I still participate on line….if not I’ll do it for myself.


    • Scott Johnson

      Hi Cathy!

      Yes – please do. Visit where you can log your tests and participate!


  3. Jann Adams

    Scott, what you wrote “Once you start the challenge you have a three hour window to log a blood sugar entry, an activity, and another blood sugar entry. That’s all it takes to win the challenge! ” is the clearest explanation of how to do the BBT on! Thanks.

    • Scott Johnson

      Hi Jann!

      You want to be sure to start your exercise within 15 minutes of that first BG check, and also do your second BG check within 15 minutes of ending your exercise.

      The goal of the Big Blue Test is to collect information on how exercise affected your blood sugar – so you have to catch the data while it’s still fresh. :-)

  4. Katie

    Scott–I logged BGs and activities last night as I normally would but did not get credit for completing the BBT challenge. Is there a special way to enter your info for this? Am I missing something?

    • Scott Johnson

      Hi Katie!

      Sorry for the confusion! I’m learning that I’ve done a poor job of explaining it…

      1) Start the challenge
      2) Do your first BG check and enter the BG into mySugr Companion
      3) Get active for at least 15 minutes (can be longer)
      4) Do your second BG check – has to be done within 15 minutes of ending your activity – and enter the BG and activity duration into mySugr Companion

      Does that help?

  5. Hi Scott,

    Is it automatic? I mean I don’t see a challenge in the Challenges page called Big Blue Test.

    • Scott Johnson

      Good question, Jane!

      It is limited to certain geographical regions. If you don’t see it in your challenges menu, unfortunately it isn’t available in your region.

      However, if that is the case, I would recommend participating in the BBT campaign and logging your entries on the BBT website – you can still do an awful lot of good for those people in need!

      Thanks, Jane!

      • Thanks for responding. Actually, I have signed up for the Big Blue Test before I saw your post. But it would have been great if I could support by Big Blue Test and MySugr at the same time.

        • Scott Johnson

          Thank you, Jane! We appreciate the enthusiastic support. We would love the same, too, and someday we’ll get there.

          All the best to you!

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