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New year, new resolutions – #30DLogging Challenge

December 28, 2015 by Scott Johnson

Our advantage, though, is that we always have a few other people with diabetes around us in the office. When we come up with three or four excuses not to log our info, our colleagues just give us that look. Like, “C’mon, really? I’m not buying it…” And we know it already – logging our diabetes data brings a lot of benefits.

So we’ll start on January 1, 2016. We’ll take advantage of the fresh motivation for the new year and be full of determination to put it to the test in the 30-day logging challenge. We (Clara, Lukas, and Scott) will log – together with you if you like – 5 times a day, including 3 meals and any exercise, for 30 days straight to start 2016 right.

Our goals

Lukas: My biggest goal is to figure out and repair my ratios and then get rid of the big spikes in my blood sugar. I think I’ll feel a lot better for that reason. I really hope to be able to find a ratio and knowledge setup to handle my diabetes better and easier.

Clara: I want to figure out where I’m at with my diabetes, as I currently lack overview of my results. That would help me out figure what next steps I have to take in order to improve my therapy. For my own curiosity, I’m also excited for the opportunity to see my estimated HbA1c.

Scott: I’m all over the place with my testing and logging right now. So my goal is to build some structure and strategy into my logging which I think will help a lot. This means doing more pre and post-meal paired tests, for example. I also need to get exercising again.

The rules

What is a challenge without effort and rules? So here’s what we need to do:

  • 5 log entries each day (preferably with tags)
  • 3 meal entries each day
  • log any exercise

To follow, cheer, and stalk us on this journey just like us on Facebook where we’ll be keeping you up to date with videos, photos, and even our Logbook entries!

How to participate

And we know many of you Monster Tamers are full of ambition! We’d love if you joined the fun! We even convinced the boss to give away mySugr Pro for the month of January so you can participate.

On January 1st, 2016 there will be a 30-day voucher on our Facebook page for the #30DLogging Challenge.

Download mySugr Logbook, register, redeem your voucher, and you’ll have everything you need to participate.

We can’t wait to meet you! Why not visit us on Facebook today and get to know us and the other Monster Tamers? Don’t forget to give us a “Like!”


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  • Chris MK

    Seems like i became ocd with my logging since using the mysugr electronic diary from August this year. It’s taken me a long time to get fully engrossed into logging since giving up the old school paper diaries almost 20 years ago.

    The tech is great and as a lot of us have smart phones with us a majority of the time I strongly encourage all us diabetics to use it. We send text messages on our phones without blinking, do the same with your blood tests and injections, jot it in your diary and eventually, ping! A bright idea will materialise as you figure out those finer things with your diabetes.

    It tends to be a moving target so stay on it guys, hard work it is and it’ll pay off 🙂

  • Thanks for the encouragement and feedback, Chris! It’s much appreciated! I’m with you 100% that it’s a moving target! I love your thought that new insights can come jump out at us just from tracking it. It’s almost as if our subconscious helps to connect the dots!

  • Dale

    I have almost totally lost motivation for testing and logging. After going months logging food as well as test results and meds/insulin my Dr reduced my Rx from 6 tests per day to 4 tests per day. Trouble is test strips are packaged in the USA in vials of 25 so the insurance company will only allow me 100 strips per month as 125 strips would be 5 strips over the Rx of 4 tests per month (30 days). I don’t get enough strips to test at meal time and wake up/bed time so I skip testing at times when I should. without the testing I don’t log meals, etc. and my when I do test readings are always high. I wish there was something I could do to get the Rx back up to 5x per day…or better yet, test strips in vials of 30 so insurance doesn’t short me.

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  • Chris MK

    Here’s my Lantus Basal test, i’m open up to experimenting now just to get visibility. I starved myself for 24hours then found out what was really going on with my two lantus doses in the evening and morning without novorapid and carbs distorting the picture. Try a test per hour for an entire day, no sleep, no food.

    A guinea pig for a day but for who ever reads this i hope you can also learn something about background insulin

  • Wow, Chris! That’s amazing! You’re a machine, brother! 🙂

    I’ve never had the mental stamina to test my basal rate for 24-hours straight, I’ve always had to carve the day into sections and test those sections one at a time (skipping one or two meals to create a long fasting period, for example).

    It’s pretty cool how the trace looks with a BG entered for every hour of the day & night.

    Tell me more about the boxes – aren’t those carb entries?

  • Chris MK

    Hi Scott,

    Those boxes were only for trace carbs for a cup of tea with milk, so i put 1 carb for each drink for that or a cup of 100% cocoa with hot water. But I don’t think any trace carbs would’ve impacted at all, well I suppose you can see from my blood sugar trail.

  • Gotcha! Yes, that makes perfect sense to me. Even makes your basal rate test even more accurate in my opinion because you were keeping track of even the smallest variables.
    Thanks for the explanation!

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