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mySugr is a market leader and trusted name in the diabetes digital health industry. Get in touch with us for media-related enquiries.

About mySugr

Founded in 2012 in Vienna, the digital health company mySugr aims to improve the life of people with diabetes. mySugr provides its users easy and quick solutions to collect all relevant therapy data in one place. As an open and independent platform, it enables the seamless integration of data from various blood glucose meters. Users are able to transfer their data automatically into the mySugr app and thereby receive support for their daily therapy decisions by personal and adjusted diabetes coaching as well as optimized reports for doctor visits. The patient-centered and creative approach of mySugr to diabetes management is well received by people with diabetes as well as professionals, and it makes managing therapy data practical and valuable. In short, we make diabetes suck less.





Global HQ: Vienna, AT
US HQ: Encinitas, CA


Frank Westermann

Company Size:

130+ FTE’s


over 1,800,000

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The most common mistake made about mySugr is incorrect capitalization of our name. It is mySugr (not MySugr, not Mysugr, not mysugr). But also our logo is sacred to us. Find out more about it in our style guide.



  • Frank Westermann

    Frank Westermann

    Open Frank Westermann

    CEO, Co-founder

  • Fredrik Debong

    Fredrik Debong

    Open Fredrik Debong


  • Gerald Stangl

    Gerald Stangl

    Open Gerald Stangl

    Design Director, Co-founder

  • Michael Forisch

    Michael Forisch

    Open Michael Forisch

    Quality Management Director, Co-founder

Media Contacts

  • Iris Jumbe

    Iris Jumbe

    Open Iris Jumbe

    Senior Global Communication Manager

  • Scott Johnson

    Scott Johnson

    Open Scott Johnson

    Communication Lead US