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  • Why it's important to take care of your mental health

    Hi. I’m Sarah. I’ve lived with type 1 diabetes for over 30 years now. I often hear comments like, “Oh, I couldn’t do what you do!”, Or “I don’t know...

    4/18/2019 by Sarah Knotts

  • Woman shopping with cart

    5 unexpected sources of carbs

    Have you ever had something to eat or drink and were surprised by high blood sugars afterward? Congratulations! You found a source of surprise carbs!

    1/17/2019 by mySugr

  • Person jumping in the desert

    Your diabetes and high blood sugar after exercise

    Markus, one of our great German-language authors, wrote about struggling with high blood sugar after exercise. I know it's a common problem, and one I've struggled with personally, so I...

    6/26/2015 by Scott Johnson

  • Skiing with an insulin pump

    In terms of pumping insulin, my colleague Anton is just getting started. But when it comes to skiing, he's a real pro.

    1/29/2015 by Scott Johnson

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