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mySugr diabetes app - your digital logbook

Why mySugr?

We specialize in app-based, all-around care for people with diabetes - made by people with diabetes. Our apps, services and diabetes coaching all work together to ease the daily grind of diabetes. In short, we make diabetes suck less.

Why mySugr?

Diabetes therapy just a tap away

The cornerstone of your experience, our diabetes app is always by your side and constantly working to make your life with diabetes easier.

Key Features

  • Create Entries

    Create Entries

    Important therapy data like meals, meds, blood sugars, and more.

  • 3-Month Overview

    3-Month Overview

    A snapshot of all the key info from your last 7, 30 and 90 days. Right on the first screens.

  • Estimated HbA1c

    Estimated HbA1c

    No more surprises! Your estimated HbA1c can be viewed right on the home screen.

  • Reports


    CSV (Basic), PDF & Excel Reports, perfect for your healthcare team.

  • Detailed Analysis

    Detailed Analysis

    The analysis screens provide an efficient way to review and understand your data.

Your data, simply there

mySugr eases the complexity of managing your daily diabetes routine. All your therapy information is in one place and easy to understand at a glance.

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Adding a New Entry

    • Personalised Logging Screen

      Fields for adding, removing and recording information allow each individual to make mySugr their very own.

    • Contextual Tags

      Each piece of data reveals some insights. Tags help to turn those insights into a story.

    • Photos (Pro only)

      Take pictures of your meals. This helps to improve carb estimations over time.

  • App screen
    • Notes

      Note down forgotten doses of medication or insulin, problems with your pump, or other things to remember.

    • Reminder

      A simple reminder means there is one less thing to keep track of.

    • Challenges

      Tasks and challenges help you focus on specific treatments and on achieving therapy goals.

The mySugr Pro app

For less than the cost of a coffee each month, upgrade to mySugr Pro to access more features, more benefits, and more support.

  • Logging
  • Analysis
  • CSV, PDF & Excel Reports
  • Challenges
  • Tags
  • Mealtime Photos
  • Smart Searches
  • Blood Sugar Reminders
  • Basal Rates for Pump Users
  • Multi-Device Syncing
  • Priority Support
  • Bonus Pro Challenges
  • Bonus Pro Tags
  • Logging
  • Analysis
  • CSV Reports
  • Challenges (limited)
  • Tags (limited)
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