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10 must-follow diabetes accounts on Instagram from around the world

February 24, 2017 by Scott Johnson

Social media has a lot to do with this revolution and Instagram is at the forefront of the movement. Thankfully, there are a bunch of people getting really creative about diabetes alongside the everyday situations we deal with.

We love getting lost in the visual imagery of diabetes and thought you might also enjoy some of the accounts that delight our eyeballs. Enjoy!


Bing Shin Chia is a fun person in Malaysia living with type 1 diabetes. She’s got a great sense of humor and her pics are usually colorful and make you smile.


Bryanna blogs at ‘Hope, Love, Insulin’ and shares pictures of her daily life with type 1 diabetes.

Diabetes Daily Grind

Ryan and Amber host a fun blog and podcast about the real-life grind of life with diabetes. Bonus points if you can find the episode where Amber burps on air…

With a few more renovations, it’s rentable on Airbnb. #diabeteshomes #DOC #bgnow #diabetesoutdoors

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Ashley Ng

Ashley is a diabetes blogger and dietitian in Australia who’s working on her PhD and doing a lot of cool stuff. She’s written a post on our blog that you might also enjoy.

Cathy Van de Moortele

Cathy is a diabetes blogger in Belgium. The beautiful pictures of her meals look so good…  I spent some time with her a few years ago and she’s a real treat.

Mushroom and bacon spaghetti bake #lunch#spaghetti#mushrooms#bacon#homecooking#masoncash#marinarasauce

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Beyond Type 1

Beyond Type 1 features great pictures with quotes and statements from others living with diabetes. You can submit yours too (learn more)!

Team Novo Nordisk

The official Instagram account for Team Novo Nordisk. Did you know their pro cycling team is the only professional sports team in the whole world made up entirely of people with type 1 diabetes?


The ups and downs of everyday life with diabetes – in Legos. What more could you ask for?

Mein Diabetes Blog

Did you know our very own Ilka is a spectacular photographer? Yep.


And of course, we have to share our own Instagram account, right? You’ll get everything from our guilty low BG secrets to office days and awesome company breakfasts. It’s a fun way to take a peek behind the scenes at mySugr!

By the way! If you want to find diabetes photos on Instagram, it works best to use hashtag combinations like #type1 diabetes, #t1d, #diabetesawareness, #insulinpump in the search.

Unfortunately, looking for #diabetes alone is often disappointing. The approximately 1.5 million results contain many photos of sweets, fatty food, and the sorts of things that feed right into the incorrect stereotypes we’re all trying to set straight. Ugh.


Diabetes App

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mySugr makes diabetes suck less – during crazy adventures or even just a normal workday.

  • Michele TuckPonder

    Considering the number of people with color with diabetes, It would be great if you could highlight some bloggers from diverse backgrounds.

  • Hi, Michele!

    Great to hear from you! Yes, you’re right – and thanks for calling us on it!

    I know about Cherise (@sweetercherise), Ariel (@justalittle_suga), and a couple of others who I can’t think of at the moment. Who else has great Instagram channels that we should tune in to?

  • Bing Shin Chia

    Hi there Scott (my first DOC friend)!,

    Didn’t realise this post until almost 8 months later! *my very bad
    I was informed by my friends in Malaysia T1D support group 🙂 That’s a very sweet introduction for @sugarsanity!

    Thank you, 谢谢你 (xie xie ni)!

  • Hi! You’re very welcome!

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