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Happy Holidays (with diabetes) 2016!

December 20, 2016 by Scott Johnson

Nevertheless, we looked at our data and found that numbers, in general, are up across the board during the holidays (except for lows… duh). That makes sense, right?

Maybe a strengthened sense of willpower pulls you through, or maybe you’re comfortable with the holidays being more relaxed than the rest of the year. Whichever way you go, we hope you enjoy our holiday insights and will dive into the new year with renewed resolution to make it the best yet!


There you have it! Thanks for sharing a few minutes of your time with us!

And remember, it’s not a bad idea to check in with yourself after the holidays to see how you’re feeling and decide if you need to make any adjustments.


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  • Jen

    My sugars have been all over the place for over a month now, and have been following my diet, taking my injections as normal. Weird thing is the month before i had my HBA1C and it was good. Its really stressful to be honest and i have been diabetic for 23 years.

  • Arlene Heredia

    I hope a visit with your endo can shed some light on what’s going on. I’ve had diabetes for 20 years now so I can understand the frustration as well.

  • Hi, Dwayne!

    Thanks for the great catch – you’re absolutely right. That should be per meal, not per day, and has been corrected. We appreciate your help with that!

  • Stressful for sure! My numbers have been a bit crazy lately, too. Maybe it’s something in the air? Or the phase of the moon? Who knows? There’s definitely an ebb & flow to this diabetes thing. I definitely agree with Arlene, a visit to your doc wouldn’t hurt anything. Or maybe mySugr Coaching could be something to think about?

  • Thanks for stopping by, Arlene. Always nice to know there’s others out there fighting the good fight with us, right? And I agree with you, a visit to the endo could help Jen shed some light on things. Thanks again!

  • James

    I eat 30g of carb per day. Low Carb healthy fat diet. A1c if 5.2%. BG between 4 and 7 at all times. Very achievable just dont eat rubbish food which raises your BG faster than you can handle with insulin.

  • James

    Advising diabetics to eat 200g+ of carb a day is stupid. Why eat food which makes you need to take huge doses of insulin and make large mistakes causing the rollercoaster which most diabetics live with. Get with the program and look at current research and discussions. Low carb is the easiest way for a diabetic to control their blood sugars. Small carbs. Small insulin. Small mistakes. No more rollercoaster. Minimal lows. Minimal highs. No long term complications. It just makes sense. Ive been doing it almost 12 months now and my A1c is now 5.2% and i have not felt better. Join the thousands of other diabetics who manage their diabetes with minimal stress and save your body which is being destroyed by the rollercoaster and high blood sugars. Its like telling a person with a peanut allergy to eat peanuts and have an epipen injection. Or a person with lactose or gluten intolerance to eat dairy or bread. Its stupid. And dont say people need x amount of carbs for brain function etc as that is totally rubbish. Its sad this advise is still being taught.

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