Everyone needs advice from intelligent sources. So we’ve ensnared an advisory board that’s a meeting of some of the most impressive minds in a variety of disciplines. They provide us with a unique combination of knowledge, networks, and passion.

We’re thrilled to bits that they’re sharing their expertise with mySugr – whether it’s in marketing, healthcare technology, or their flair for detecting the right business partner. We're lucky to have you.

Medical Advisors

Endocrinology, behavioural psychology, patient care – our medical advisory board, which consists of doctors and scientists, is active in all healthcare areas. Our priority is to factor opinions from every culture and every continent into our decisions. Simply because diabetes is closely tied in with people’s living conditions. And these vary from country to country. Our wish is to offer people around the globe the right support for their therapy. The following impressive figures help us out in this regard.

  • Howard Zisser

    M.D., Medical Director, Insulet Corporation (Massachusetts, USA)

    Dr. Zisser is fully aware of the difficulties behind living with diabetes 24/7 and that’s why he works in close collaboration with his patients. In a bid to make his patients’ daily life as pleasant as possible, he’s inexhaustible in his search for new technologies and materials that could advance the cause of diabetes research. Anyone wishing to delve deeper into his awe-inspiring work can watch his TED talk.

  • Sylvie Picard

    M.D. and Ph.D in Diabetes and Endocrinology (Dijon, France).

    Dr. Picard has a good sense of humor. That’s just as well because as someone with type 1 diabetes she wages her own inspiring war against her little monster. In our book that makes her one of the gang. She also qualifies as an accomplice due to her valuable view on the simple things that can immeasurably transform our lives with diabetes and her relentless efforts to battle the disease.

  • Ingrid Schütz

    M.D., Diabetes and Nephrology,
    Hietzing Hospital (Vienna, Austria)

    Dr. Schütz was the first diabetologist to incite Frank (our head honcho) to digitally transmit his data.
    Welcome to a doctor who not only actively helped bring our idea off the ground but who was also behind the development of therapy settings for mySugr Companion, the Logbook’s predecessor. Since then she’s never left our side and energetically promotes the use of modern diabetes technology in Austria.

  • Marianne König

    M.D., Health Psychologist,
    Vienna General Hospital (Austria)

    At the very least Dr. König deserves a round of applause for her indispensable contribution to the Junior app that makes it so heartwarmingly authentic. She researches the psychological side effects of diabetes and sadly, mostly children fall into this domain. In our minds, she should therefore be up for a prize for her tireless devotion to the psychological well-being of children with diabetes.

  • Gloria Yee

    California Pacific Medical Center,
    California (USA)

    Ms. Yee is another female lifeline. She is a specialist in diabetes self-management and her patients have been benefiting from her accumulated knowledge for over 15 years. On top of that she has published hundreds of articles for people with diabetes on patient care and empowerment. Oh, and Ms. Yee also lives with type 1 diabetes. Her main focus is on the quality and use of products and that’s why she’s such an important part of our team.

  • Yumika Hishino

    Diabetes and Lifestyle Center, Tomonaga Clinic (Tokyo, Japan)

    Ms. Hishino is our fairy godmother for the Asian market. When it comes to gamification she knows exactly what makes her fellow Asians tick and can help us adjust our products to the Far Eastern culture.
    Her experience in working with both in- and out-patients is an important component for our products. We share one and the same goal with her: easing the daily grind for people with diabetes.

  • Pierre Yves Benhamou

    Prof.for Diabetes and Endocrinology,
    Grenoble University Hospital Centre (France)

    Prof. Benhamou is not afraid of moving from one discipline to the other; as doctor and geek rolled into one, he’s just our man. He’s the brains behind studies documenting and analyzing the use of apps for smartphones that have revealed what we always knew: fun and motivation not only increase a patient’s psychological well-being but inevitably improve therapy in a significant fashion. Prof. Benhamou’s vision? Following a diagnosis of diabetes and at the earliest opportunity, a patient’s therapy should include treatment by such apps and integrated services.

  • Kais Abu Taha

    M.D., Diabetes Specialist (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

    The UAE is an emerging diabetes hotspot; every fourth inhabitant has to contend with type 1. Over the years Dr. Abu Taha has witnessed the coming and going of many different technologies used to combat the disease. His experience lies in conventional medicine and he’s well aware of the dangers behind communicating negative feedback to patients. That’s why Dr. Abu Taha is our man in the Gulf spreading the good word about the mySugr philosophy.

  • Umberto Valentini

    M.D., Director of Centre for Diabetology,
    Brescia Hospital (Italy)

    Dr. Valentini has written over 90 publications on diabetes and is a tireless speaker at international conferences on the subject. At some stage he has been president of all of the most important Italian diabetic associations. He is currently director of the Centre for Diabetology at Brescia Hospital. He lives and breathes the fight against diabetes. Like us he wants to make the lives of millions of people with diabetes more liveable.

  • Christian Johner

    Professor of Software Technologies, CEO of Institute for IT in Healthcare (Konstance, Germany)

    Prof. Johner researches the link between IT and healthcare. To date his greatest development has been a medical information system that is used in hospitals and health practices worldwide. Prof. Johner’s attention to detail and insistence on the highest quality are the yardstick against which mySugr constantly measures itself. Last but not least, we are lucky that Prof. Johner believed in us from our inception and is constantly rooting for us.