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A review of 2018 – tons of carbs, millions of lows, and more!

December 31, 2018 by mySugr

Sure, there are the annoying highs and lows, misjudged meals, many battles of willpower, some won, some lost. But hey! You did it! And whether you know it or not, you learned a LOT over the past year! Well done and high-fives all around!

Data matters

To master your diabetes, it’s important to understand how your body reacts to different foods, situations, activity/exercise, timing and doses of medication, and more. Logging your blood sugars is key, and when paired with a connected meter it’s automatic. Additionally, adding some context to your data – or telling the story of what’s happening in your life around each diabetes decision, goes a long way.

Speaking of stories, we thought you might enjoy a quick global review of the last 365 days.mySugr Bundle - Unlimited Accu-Chek Guide test strips

Measuring like a world champions

Wow! Last year a total of 35,471,907 strips were used (and probably not more than 5 lancets, right)! If you took the trouble to string them all together, that would be the length of about 52334 chocolate bars! Wait, best to forget that part!

mySugr illustrated BG strips

Below, over, and right on target

The overall blood sugar average last year was 150 mg/dL (8.3 mmol/L) with 67% of logged levels within the target range (aka time in range). Well done! But, to keep us honest, a total of 2,822,387 lows were conquered and 8,823,838 BG levels were above target. A stark reminder that diabetes is hard. Remember, focus on progress, not perfection!

mySugr Illustrated Target

Insulin is love, insulin is life

Woah! Over 137,693,750 units of insulin were logged in 2018! That’s about 458,979 pen cartridges of pure “anti-carbohydrate or high-fixin’ elixir!” And did you know, back in the day, insulin came from cows and pigs?

mySugr illustration of an insulin pen and pump with a heart

Sweet mother of carbs

Over 336.2 TONS of carbs were logged in 2018! We’re sure there are some fridge-emptying lows responsible for some of that tonnage – those hypos can be gnarly! Truth be told, estimating carb counts can be hard. Using the photo feature and working with your diabetes coach are two sure-fire ways to improve your carb-counting skills!

mySugr illustrated croissant with hearts

Thank you

Dear Monster Tamer, finger pricker, hangry carb-killer, pancreatically challenged and brave insulin magician, we’re wishing you a big thank you from the entire mySugr Monster Pack for your loyalty and trust.

We’re looking forward to another new year with you as we embark on more exciting new projects together. Stay tuned!

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