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3 benefits of mySugr Pro

July 04, 2016 by Scott Johnson

At mySugr, we want everyone with diabetes to live well. So we’re always trying to improve mySugr Logbook to help everyone meet their unique therapy needs.

Which mySugr Pro features are most important?

There’s no right or wrong answer! With that in mind, Ilka asked some of the people in the company who live with diabetes about their favorite mySugr Pro features, and this is what they said.

Maybe one of these will offer something you didn’t know about or haven’t thought of yet!

PDF Reports: Helps identify patterns and makes it easy to get ready for my doctor appointments

Karl: I’m a fan of the PDF reports. They give me a quick overview of my data and help me quickly recognize patterns. Whether, for example, my morning fasting values are too high, or if I have a particular weekday where highs or lows happen more often than other days. I’d never notice these things without taking a moment to look at the simple format of the PDF reports. Also, I can print the reports right before going to my appointments. Or better yet, I can email them to my doctor or nurse directly from the app in advance. More about PDF Reports.

Part of an English mySugr PDF report

Blood sugar reminders: Never forget a measurement again

Anne: Honestly, I can’t keep track of it all in my head. It’s easy to remember my pre-meal checks–they are obvious. But sometimes, I just forget to check my blood sugar again afterward! This post-meal check is especially important when I’m not sure if I counted my carbohydrates right or if I didn’t take enough insulin. The same goes for remembering to check after exercising. Somehow, I get caught up in feeling good and just forget! I know–it happens to all of us, I’m sure. But that’s why I pick the blood sugar reminders as my favorite. I use them almost every day!

mySugr BG Reminder screen

Photos: Never judge meals wrong again

Ilka: The photo function is my personal favorite. Not only because I love photography, but because it’s also made me better at counting carbohydrates. Over time, I’ve built up a small food database that I can look at again and again when I can’t remember what the serving size is or how many carbs there are. I can also see from the graph how my blood sugar responded which helps me know whether my carbohydrate estimate was close or if I should do something different. And I can even look up the exact location! With this, it only takes a second to check how many carbohydrates I estimated for the delicious mango cupcake at my favorite cupcake shop! More tips about using photos, and more about searching.


Naturally, there are many more mySugr Pro features than what we’ve covered here. More tags, smart searching, basal rates for pump users, a bolus calculator (currently available in EU), … just to name a few. Take a look at the full lineup for yourself:

mySugr Pro Features


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  • Brünni

    I think this app is pretty amazing. I love all of the tracking options, graphs, etc. I do have an issue or two that sometimes get in the way of my using it.

    I would like it if the app had an insulin calculator built in. I have to use another app to figure out my dose. I find the extra steps of entering info into multiple apps to be a bit tedious.

    Also, having used it in the past, it has dumped some of my info, which is frustrating. Having to reenter info, after spending a lot of time setting it up has been a deterrent.

    One last thing, is there a place to add a Lantus dose? That’d be helpful for me.

  • Hi, Brünni!

    Thanks for taking the time to read and comment, we appreciate it!

    We do have an insulin calculator module that’s approved for use in Europe. We’re working on expanding the availability, but that will take some time (it requires a higher class of regulatory approval).

    There’s a field called “Insulin Long Acting” where you can add your Lantus doses. If you don’t see it, it’s possible the field is hidden. You can customize which fields are hidden/visible by tapping on the “Customize Cells” button at the bottom of the new entry screen. You may also want to double check your “Insulin Therapy” setting in the side menu (it’s under Profile & Settings). If that’s set to Pump or No insulin, you won’t see the “Insulin Long Acting” field anywhere.

    And please let us know if you have any trouble with dumping your information again – that should never happen, and we’ll want to investigate what’s going on if it does.

    Thanks again, Brünni!

  • Lindsay

    This will be my second year using this app and i’ve seen so many positive changes happen to make this app a huge help with my diabetes managment. I’m so excited to try the accu-chek meter and see how much easier it is to sync it. Love this app and it’s totally worth the 31.99 a year. Love the interface as well. Great work !!

    I hope to do a review on this app and the meter soon !

  • Hi, Lindsay!

    Yay! I’m so happy to hear that! Thanks for taking the time to let us know, we really appreciate it! Please keep us posted and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything.

    Thanks again,

  • Rob Macdonald

    My son was using DiaConnect which was great – Because of the automatic sync feature with freestylelibre and a recommendation from our Doctor we downloaded MySugr Pro – The app says it is syncing but no data is being displayed – Hopefully the suport team can resolve

  • Hi, Rob! Welcome to the mySugr family! It’s great to have you.

    I’m sorry we’re giving you trouble right off the bat – that’s no good! Can you try doing a quick logout and login again to see if that resolves the problem?


  • Rob Macdonald

    Hi Scott thanks for the quick reply. Tried that and also disconnected and reconnected librelink to the mysugr app – its strange as it says that it is ‘syncing’ but doesnt show the data

  • Hi, Rob!

    Sorry for the long delay in my reply this time! Hmmm… yes, very frustrating indeed. Have you already been in touch with our support team about this? Or should I ask them to reach out to you?

  • Hi Nick,

    Unfortunately, no, not at this time. We’re currently investigating some reported problems and have had to disable the connection for the time being.

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