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Junior help

Questions and Answers

What is mySugr Junior?

mySugr Junior is a logbooking app especially developed for children with diabetes and their parents.

For parents, it is useful because telemonitoring functions help them keep control over their junior’s therapy and make them feel confident. For the little ones, it is not only helpful because it gives them more independence in their sugar-sweet day-to-day life, but it also supports them in learning to deal with diabetes in a playful and funny way.

What’s special about mySugr Junior?

mySugr Junior is a great tool for both children who often need help with their diabetes and their parents because it enables them to be more independent in their everyday life.

All entries that the young ones make can be directly sent to their parents’ phone as a push massage. This way, parents can keep track of the therapy even if their child is at school, extracurricular activities or out with friends. The app saves every single entry and is therefore perfect for use as a blood glucose logbook.

How does the Junior App work?

mySugr Junior is a two-device solution. Children and parents each need to install the app on their smartphones.

All entries that children make, no matter if blood glucose levels, photos or insulin dose, can be forwarded to their parents’ phone, either as a push message or email. Afterwards, parents can message or call their children in order to give them valuable feedback or support concerning the correct insulin dose, carbs etc., even if they are not around their little ones.

How does the registration process work?

After the parents have registered on their smartphone, they can easily activate their child’s account on the respective device.

The information required for the registration includes the name, phone number (parent device only), email address (parent device only) and password. If the sign-up has been processed successfully, parents and children can simply log in on their phones and meet the cute green diabetes monster.

Where can I get mySugr Junior?

The app is available for download in the Google Play Store for Android devices or the Apple iTunes Store for iOS devices.

Is my data secure?

For sure!

Since mySugr is a certified company, it has to meet the highest security requirements. All data is saved on Amazon servers only.

How much does mySugr Junior cost?

Nada! Nothing! Zip! Zero!

The app is absolutely for free. mySugr is supported by great sponsors who make this possible.

What age group is mySugr Junior intended for?

The app was developed for children aged 6 to 10, who, as most children at this age, are not able to keep track of their therapy yet — They’re busy doing other exciting things and need a little bit of help in their care-free day-to-day life.