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Manon Deschamps


July 8, 2013

The goal of mySugr, motivating us with diabetes to care

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We are often asked what led us to create mySugr and develop our first commercially available app – the mySugr Companion. It becomes clear, I think, if you look back at our lives. What drove our efforts initially was that we needed motivation to handle our own diabetes!

How it All Started

mySugr was founded on first-hand experience of living with diabetes – two of the founders have had type 1 diabetes since their youth. Frank, our CEO, was diagnosed as a teenager and has now lived as a type 1 diabetic for about 15 years. I (Fredrik) was diagnosed at the age of 4. My experience with different forms of therapy goes back three decades. As a rough estimate, that means I have completed about 75,000 blood glucose tests and injected 1.5 litres of insulin.

Modern diabetes therapy is data-driven; based on knowledge and experience, we can make better decisions and have longer and healthier lives. Theoretically, this shouldn’t be so hard.

As you know, many of us with diabetes feel somewhat overwhelmed at some point after diagnosis. After a few years, it becomes exhausting to keep it up. At the age of 20, after 15 years with diabetes, I simply let go. I lacked the positive feedback – that feeling of achievement we sometimes need if we are to keep doing something. Therapy to me had become an eternal grind; I understood my diabetes therapy reasonably well, I had decent tools, but my attitude suffered. Depending on my blood sugar results I felt either lucky or like an idiot. I felt so frustrated that I stopped taking care of myself. During this time, I wasn’t testing much nor paying attention to what I was eating. It went on for almost three years. What brought me back to paying attention, were a few small things I started to see and do differently.I started rewarding myself in small ways for doing things I knew I was supposed to be doing, like checking my blood glucose a bit more frequently.

Motivated by Feeling our Progress

At mySugr we believe that this is part of what all of us with diabetes need. Imagine for a second that the progress you make in your therapy could be felt. What if we could savor those positive moments and be motivated to take action by them instead of the bad stuff like fear of health complications and the associated bad conscience?

Drive the Data

In a normal diabetes journal/logbook, you plug in the numbers and are rewarded with, well… just a list of numbers really. That’s just so 80s, and about as useful to us as a submarine in the Sahara desert. In the mySugr Companion, you can search through all the data, quickly find the last burger or mixed coffee you had and see how it affected your bg’s. You can find out where a change in therapy could be needed – and perhaps there is already an in-app mySugr ‘challenge’ designed exactly for this, to lead you on your way?

If this sounds like something which could help you, please download the app and give it a try! Our family already has more than 12,000 members and is growing every day. We enjoy learning from all of you as to how mySugr can be more useful in day-to-day life with diabetes. So keep in touch and see you soon!

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