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Companion App

The Companion is a charming, sometimes outspoken diabetes manager. The app has a similar purpose as a diabetes logbook. It provides immediate feedback and helps you stay motivated. You win points for every entry made which help tame your diabetes monster. The goal is to tame your monster every day. Challenges are available to help you set and attain personal goals.

It’s all the diabetes management you’re used to, with a side-order of context to make it meaningful.

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iBGStar® (Germany only) – synchronize the Companion with your meter and transfer the data automatically into the app. Quick and in real time.


The Monster – It’s cheeky and defiant, but it can also be gentle and tame. If you take good care of it, it will reward you with feedback for each entry.


Locations – Make your data even more useful and link each entry to particular locations; no matter if it’s a nice restaurant, a snack bar or mom’s place.

More Features

Reward & Progress – Collect points for each entry. The more you do, the more you get. The progress bar indicates how hard you’ve worked.

Challenges – Do you need some motivation? Challenges help you stay motivated in your therapy and gain control over your diabetes in a playful way.

Search Function – You ate noodles the other day and you now want to know the amount of carbs you estimated? Simply search for “noodles” and get your answer. But you can also search for notes, tags and more – easily and quickly.

First Steps

We made a little video to guide you through the app…


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I’m 20 and have lived with type 1 diabetes for 16 years. This is the best app for blood sugar monitoring I have found…ever! – Facebook


It’s fascinating how much an app improved my health. Thank you @mysugr! #diabetes – Tweet

@mySugr makes it an awesome thing to have diabetes. I knew one day it´d come to this. Bravo on the well thought out app! #WeTakingOver - Matt


Excellent! – This app is very easy to use; holds all the relevant info in an accessible form; encourages diligence with points and challenges and the customer service from the company is great! The feature allowing you to take pictures for future reference is particularly useful. – Mr. Martin via App Store

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