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Is mySugr Companion available worldwide? Why can’t I find it in my country?

We’re working hard to spread mySugr Companion around the world. The Diabetes Monster knows no boundaries!

Since mySugr Companion is a registered medical product, we have to stick to certain rules and abide by each country’s local medical device registration requirements. Safety first!

mySugr Companion is available In the following countries:

Europe: Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Poland, Switzerland, the UK, Netherlands
North America: United States, Canada
Africa: Algeria, Angola, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Ghana, Kenya, Congo, Mauritania, Mozambique, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Tunisia,
Asia: Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Sri Lanka,
Other: Australia, Grenada, Virgin Islands, Madagascar, Montserrat, New Zealand, St. Kitts & Nevis

We are really proud to have such a diverse and international family of monster tamers! We haven’t forgotten about the rest of you and are hard at work to bring mySugr Companion to your country as well.

What exactly is the mySugr Companion App?

The Companion is a charming, sometimes outspoken diabetes manager.

The app has a similar purpose as a diabetes logbook. It provides immediate feedback and helps you stay motivated. You win points for every entry made which help tame your diabetes monster. The goal is to tame your monster every day. Challenges are available to help you set and attain personal goals.

However, the app is not just about recording as many numbers as possible. mySugr wants to help you make use of those numbers in everyday life, e.g. by using the search function to learn from past experiences with specific foods or restaurants.

It’s all the diabetes management you’re used to, with a side-order of context to make it meaningful.

How do I earn points and conquer my diabetes monster?

It’s almost as easy as just thinking about your diabetes. Ok, not quite that easy, but you do get points for each thing you log in Companion. Whether it’s a BG reading, a note, a snack, an insulin dose, or just the fact that you’re feeling stressed. Everything you enter earns you some recognition in the form of points.

Can you find the hidden points? First Blood, Poet, Paparazzi, Night Owl? Oh yeah, there’s more!

Tame your monster by reaching 50 points each day and you’re well on your way! If you tame your monster (by reaching 50 points per day) each day of the week, then it’s 7:0 against your monster! Nice! Keep on logging!

What is the mySugr ID?

Your very own Monster Login!

The mySugr ID is your email address and a password. If you have registered once for any of the mySugr family of products, you can use that same information to access all other mySugr products. Nice, eh?

We already have too much crap to think about with diabetes. We’re all about keeping things simple.

What does the Companion App cost?

Not much!

There are two versions available:

The Companion Basic app offers you all the functions you need for your everyday therapy. What’s best – it doesn’t cost a penny!

The keywords of the Companion Pro app are flexibility, unlimited options, and extra features. Want to get crazy with your diabetes monster taming? You need Companion Pro. Gain access to the Pro version by paying ($19.99, one-time fee) or win a few days of Companion Pro time through challenges in the Basic version.

How do I buy Companion Pro?

You buy Companion Pro through an in-app purchase. Tap on the “Upgrade” icon on your home screen, or use the side menu and select “Upgrade to Pro”. Click on “Buy Now” and enter your App Store password when prompted. You’ll be upgraded immediately and can start using Pro features right away.

What is the Companion Pro App?

The Companion Pro app offers many extra features that will bring your diabetes monster taming to the next level. Here’s what you gain as a Companion Pro user:

  • Take photos of your meals and discover how helpful this can be in estimating carbs later. Is this pizza the same as that pizza? Check the pic and be sure!
  • Blood sugar reminders (15m, 30m, 1h, 2h, 3h)!
  • Synchronize your data across multiple devices!
  • Pro Challenges!
  • Basal rate records for pump users!
  • Search your logbook for tags, locations, keywords, and more!
  • Clear and convenient PDF reports, as well as Excel format, if that’s your thing. Select your own date range, too. No more trying to interpret CSV files in your head.
  • Take advantage of Priority Support! Budge in line and don’t feel guilty. Companion Pro users go first when it comes to questions and support requests.
  • Customize interface elements in your logbook. Not everyone wants to see things in the same order. As a Companion Pro user you can decide what you see first on your logbook screen.

I'm a paid Companion Pro user already - how does the new pricing model affect me?

You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that we’re going to take very good care of you because you have taken very good care of us.

As a small token of our appreciation, we are going to make you a Companion Pro user at no additional cost to you. No fuss, no muss, and nooooo expiration!

Where can I get mySugr Companion?

Search for “mySugr” in the App Store or Google Play Store, depending on your device (iOS or Android). Or use the links here:

mySugr Companion for iOS: App Store (iOS 6 or higher required)
mySugr Companion for Android: Google Play Store (Android OS 4.0.3 or higher required*)

*Do you get a message in the Google Play Store about this app being incompatible with your device? Let us know! We might be able to help…

Can I import/export data?

Exporting? Sure! By clicking on “Reports” in the side menu you can export a CSV file all of your data.

Companion Pro users can choose between a PDF, CSV, or MS Excel file format, and can also set a custom date range. The PDF file is our most popular export option, and many people take this report with them to their doctor.

Importing? Sorry – at this time, we can’t import data.

How do I set up data synchronization between devices in Companion Pro?

You need to say the secret passphrase (“mySugr is awesome”) and log in with the same email & password on each device. Make sure you select “Log In” on your other devices, not “Let’s Get Started” – that is used to register new accounts.

What happens when my Pro days run out?

Easy. You’ll become a Companion Basic user. If you want to become a Pro user again, you can redeem a voucher (if you have one), buy the app in the Apple App Store, or gain access by winning challenges.

This only applies to you if you’ve gained Pro days by winning challenges or redeeming a voucher. If you’ve purchased Companion Pro, you’re good to go – it doesn’t expire. Yay!

How do I redeem a voucher?

Voucher redemption happens on our website now:

Enter your e-mail address and the voucher code – the Pro features will be activated as fast as you hit the “Redeem” button. Be sure to use the same e-mail address that you use to login to mySugr Companion or your diabetes monster will get confused.

Is my data safe?

Of course!

The Companion is a medical device and was developed according to the ISO 13485 standard. Furthermore, it bears the CE marking and is FDA registered. So, the device complies with the highest security and safety standards. We are HIPAA compliant and your data will be treated accordingly.

There are even armed guards at the data centers. True story.

Is the Companion App also available for iPads?

While the Companion app is not optimized for use on iPads, it does work (iOS 6.0 or higher is required). At some point we would love to design a version optimized for iPads, but there is nothing planned right now.

Is the Companion app also available for Android?


We have long been fiddling, sweating, stressing, and programming, but it is finally ready!

Since mySugr Companion is a registered medical device, there are several strict standards and requirements we had to meet. We know it took a lot of time, but it’s here now!

mySugr Companion for Android: Google Play Store (Android OS 4.0.3 or higher required*)

*Do you get a message in the Google Play Store about this app being incompatible with your device? Let us know! We might be able to help…

There is a red exclamation mark next to my carbohydrates entry and I can't submit! What's happening?

Sounds like your diabetes monster is thinking in terms of carbohydrate exchanges rather than grams. Do you see “ex.” immediately after your entry? If so, head to your settings and double check your carb settings (“Grams” or “Exchanges”)

How do I change the name of my diabetes monster?

Tap into the side menu and look for “Profile”. Tap on the current name, just under the picture, and you can type whatever you’d like. Get creative! Have some fun with it!

How do I change my password?

Tap into the side menu and look for “Profile”. Tap on “Change Password”, confirm your e-mail address, and tap “Request Password”.

Faster than your diabetes monster can make a squeak, you’ll have an e-mail with further instructions and a fresh, new password.

Can I use Companion offline?

Yep! Companion is pretty smart and will save all of your entries right on your device. Once you have internet access again it will sync with the server and get everything up to date. Challenges will not work offline – which just means you can’t start any new ones or update progress until you get back online.

Pro Tip: You can force a sync by dragging down while in Logbook view.

Note: do not log out (side menu, “Profile”, “Log Out”) of Companion while offline or any unsynchronized entries will be lost. 

Another Note: challenges and challenge progress reporting will not work when offline. You won’t be able to start any new challenges until you have a connection, and any progress you make on any challenges you’re playing won’t update until Companion connects and synchronizes.

What is Apple Health and what are its benefits?

Apple Health app (for iOS8) allows you to collect all your fitness and health data in one place. What’s in it for you? It means you can synchronize data from the Logbook with the Health app and vice versa. Nifty, eh? Naturally you’re the boss and can decide whether to allow this and which data you want to share.

Go to the settings in the Logbook to control what information is shared with Health.

If you decide to use Apple Health, and grant permission to mySugr Logbook to communicate with it, you should know that it will only sync new entries. Historic information will be not synchronized or backfilled to Health.