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Scott Johnson


April 9, 2014

Bring it Your Way?

April 9, 2014 | By | 27 Comments

The recent update of mySugr Companion on iOS is a major step forward and a preview of mySugr’s device connectivity capabilities!

We announced a collaboration with our partners at Sanofi Germany and are thrilled to bring iBGStar/BGStar integration to mySugr Companion users there.

Don’t worry, we’re not stopping in Germany. But we could use some help…

It’s All About Time (and Diet Coke).

I’m a busy person, just like you, I’m sure. I don’t always have the time I need to diligently log everything into Companion. I often have to spend a few minutes each day pulling data from my devices to fill in gaps.

It’s not my favorite way to spend my time. I’d much rather be relaxing with an ice cold Diet Coke not thinking about my diabetes data.



I like to think that we get it. We want automatic, we want less manual work, we want easy, we want simple, we want fast. We get it. And we’re working on it.

But what we need help with is where to focus. We would like you, the mySugr community, to continue doing what you’ve always done; help shape our products.

We need to know who’s door we should be knocking on, how loudly, and with what type of hammer! And we need to have some data to bring with us. That means we need to hear from you.

What meters and devices would you like to see integrated with the mySugr family of products?

I’d love, love, love if you sent me a quick message to let us know, so that we can let our partners in industry know, all in two clicks of the mouse!

Super quick, super easy, and super helpful!

Thank you!


  1. Dave Condello

    Kaiser Permanente (major healthcare provider in California) seems to prescribe & support the One Touch Ultra 2 as their bg meter of choice. I’d L-O-V-E love to see that integrated with MySugr!

    But even if it isn’t, thanks for a great app!

    My Monster’s Name? Duck Fiabetes!

    Dave C

    • Thank you, Dave! Can you take a moment to fill out the form linked in the blog post above? That would be super helpful to us.

      I love your monster’s name! :-)

    • Linda Vidler

      Can you use this as type. 2 not on insulin person.

      • Hi Linda!

        Yes, there are many benefits to using mySugr Companion as a person with type 2 diabetes, especially if you would like to keep an eye on your blood sugar levels, carbohydrate intake, activity times, and other contextual information (location, how you’re feeling, what you’re doing at the time, any notes, etc.).

        We are also working on a lot of improvements to make it even more useful for those who are not using insulin, and hope to have some fun things to show in our upcoming versions.

        Thanks for the great question! And please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can help. :-)

  2. Ryan Worley

    Hello there folks! What an amazing app! It would be amazing if the mySugr app and all One Touch meters and Bayer meters integrated! keep up the awesome work! You folks are amazing!

    Mr Snarky’s Prison Guard

    • Thank you, Ryan!

      If you haven’t already, please take a moment to fill out the form. We’re trying to collect all of the information there so we can approach our industry partners with some data in our back pockets!

  3. Liam


    This is great news that you have integrated ibgstar with your app! In my opinion the two best tools for anyone with diabetes. Using them together would be amazing.

    Are you looking at doing the same in the UK anytime soon?

    • Thank you, Liam!

      We are working towards bringing more integration to everywhere we can! Thanks for your help in that (we received your form entry)!

  4. Christa Bren

    Love your app!!!! We use it for our son and the syncing is so nice because any of us (mom, dad, or grandma) can enter data for him.

    Would love to see it linked to his countour next meter and Medtronic minimed pump!

    Please never stop what you do. It’s so helpful and so important. Thank you!


  5. The One Touch folks also have a Bluetooth compatible model called the VerioSync. Link THAT with MySugr and you’ve got a winner.

    Also have you looked at Jawbone UP24, Fitbit or any of the “health trackers” for potential partnerships?

    Thanks. MySugr is a great app!


    • Thanks for the love, Gerry!

      We’re definitely looking at all of those cool devices, diabetes related and otherwise, as well as many of the popular apps that people are already using on their smartphones.

      If you can take a moment to fill out the form (just a few clicks – super quick, super easy), it will really help us know where to focus.

      Thanks again, Gerry!

  6. Thanks for all of your work, Scott and the mySugr team!

    Automatic uploading would be tremendous. Please consider integrating with the OmniPod (Freestyle meter) and Dexcom G4.

    • Thank you, Michael! Your love and support is much appreciated!

      I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts here AND filling out the quick form! Very helpful, Michael! :-)

  7. Jan Irvine

    I have a Medtronic Paradigm 522 pump and a BD meter that talks to my pump. I’d love to have a way to connect my data from both to mySugr app. This app has changed my motivation completely about tracking and monitoring my diabetes. A HUGE THANK YOU!!!!!!

    I love that the reports and analyses are now available in an online computer web based browser. I work in a facility where I cannot take my phone in with me. And therefore can’t get to my app to tame my monster (AKA Cecilia). Any possibility of adding bs/food entry capabilities from a computer ?

    Keep up the amazing work! Appreciate you all so much!

    • Hi Jan!

      Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment, I really appreciate it! And I’m SO happy to hear that mySugr Companion is making such a difference in your life. That puts such a smile on our faces!

      I’d love to hear the story behind Cecilia, if you’re up for it!

      Yes, we are working on adding the ability to enter data via the web app. I’m not sure what the schedule is, but it’s definitely coming! Yay! :-)

      Thank you for also filling out the form, Jan! That’s a huge help for us!

  8. Hello,

    I met your company through TECH.EU … nice application!

    But, be carefull, when interfacing with Glucometer devices, your APP can no longer be simple class I for CE, but will become a class I + measurement or maybe even a class II medical device, depending on the risk associated with monitoring etc … check with your NB !!
    Also FDA will no longer exempt you from 510K either.

    take care!


    • Hi Johan! Thanks for taking the time to read and leave a comment – much appreciated! And I’m glad you were able to find us through the article. We’re definitely working closely with our notified body through all of this to make sure we’re covering everything that’s needed. Thanks again!

  9. susan arnold

    Animas Ping with built-in One touch. – OR – i might be willing to change pumps when I’m ready for a new on – if it synced with mySgr. Do love mySgr.

    • Thank you, Susan! I sure appreciate you taking the time to read and let us know what you want. :-)

  10. Roeland De Windt

    Entered another request for iBGStar in Belgium. Any news?
    Thx, Roel
    T1D since ’88

    • Thank you, Roel!

      We’re hard at work, but no solid news to share yet.

  11. I’m a long time windows programmer (even have windows phone) but think that web app would be idea way to go as it’ll work on anything that talks to the web (even if you store the app locally)

    Tandem T:slim
    Dexcom G4
    Accu-Check Aviva+

    Diabetic 52++ years
    pumping 33+ years
    CGMS 12+ years

  12. Arnold

    And I would love to see the iBG work here in Switzerland with this app. I mean, for 60% of the market you wouldn’t even need to launch the app in another language ;-)

    • Thanks, Arnold! Yes, we’d love that, too! We’re hard at work on it! We sure appreciate you stopping by to share your feedback!

  13. Simona

    Hey! Me again,
    I’ve got a lot of feedback on Thinks I’d like to see on Mysgr, probably some are easy to put, others might not be as much, but you might know that better than me!

    I’d like to:
    -Be able to change the language in which the programme is, I am a fluent english speaker, but living in Italy I have the Italian one, and even if my doctor is Italian, I think that there might be e few more goals I can try to achieve in the english Version
    - be able to see the graphic of my insulin, every type of insulin has it’s duration and highest peek in time, I would really like to see that on the graph, so I know how much insulin i have left in the system before giving more, to prevent Hypos (it would also be cool to see how the different typs of sugar look on this graph (simple, complex. ext), and how many calories or fat, to know how much the cho availability delays, but I suppose that would be REALLY tricky and complex).
    -download things from my meter/insulin pump/sensor, I’ve seen it’s been implemented in a few countries but not all meters and especially not everywhere.
    -more achievements!!!!! did I already say that? I love the implementation that the achievement system gives you, it has a psychological positive input that helps you keep up the good work in time.
    -I’d also like to be able to add data from my computer though the web, sometimes it happens during the day you’re lazy or have too many things to do to insert all the data in, so at the end of the day, having the possibility to add all the stuff you had to do with your little monster all together would be great! (read that you guys are getting to it, even better <3)
    - an easy thing would be built in calculator, especially for pump users having the glucose correction standard and cho per unit for bolus, and calculate how much you're supposed to correct or give insulin for what you eat.
    -I would like to see when you download the data, a bit more space for the things I've written down that I eat, most of the time, it gets cut off, and my doctors aren't able to understand what kind of food I've eaten.

    I LOVE mysgr, it's really helping me keep motivated in keeping my logbook up to date!
    Hope to have been helpful!
    thank you!

    25 years old
    22 years diabetic
    15 years pump

    • Hi Simona!

      So much great feedback and many great ideas! I can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate you taking the time to share this with us. :-)

      - I’m not sure if the challenges are limited based on location or language. You can try changing your device language to English (in settings) and see what happens. I’ll also do some checking on this end.
      - That’s a fantastic idea… the carbs on board thing would be super helpful, too, wouldn’t it? A bit more tricky? You bet. But there are lots of smart people in the world.
      - We’re working hard at more connections and collaborations all the time. Wish it could be faster, but please know we’re working really hard on it.
      - More challenges are in the works!
      - Same goes for adding data from the online analysis tool
      - We recently received the next level of regulatory approval, which lets us do cool things like calculate insulin doses and such. It’s like you’re reading our minds… :-)
      - We’re hoping to make a lot of improvements with the reports in the near future. Knowing that you and your team need more info on food details is a big help.

      Thanks again, Simona! You’re awesome!

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