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mySugr’s Advisory Board is second to none when it comes to marketing, healthcare technology, business acumen, and entrepreneurial passion. We wanted to work with business advisors who’ve founded their own startups before and know how exciting and demanding building a company can be. Perhaps more importantly, we wanted people who genuinely want to make products that matter. We couldn’t be happier with how things turned out…


Tim Ferriss

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Advisor for Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon and Evernote. Tim is also author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The 4-Hour Workweek and followed up with The 4-Hour Body and The 4-Hour Chef

Our goal at mySugr is to change how people with diabetes are perceived by the public. Tim understands that every person who lives with diabetes is a hero due to the constant calculations they are making and the data-driven nature requiring them to make decisions without their doctor. We hope people with diabetes will be seen as pioneers of the quantified self movement and Tim is a role-model for making quantified self behavior socially acceptable and perhaps even cool.

Johann Hansmann

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Serial Entrepreneur, Austrian Business Angel of the Year Award Recipient. Investor in successful portfolio of tech companies including Runtastic and Busuu.

Johann has managed dozens of pharmaceutical companies across several geographic regions as well as having invested and advised in a powerful group of start-ups.

mySugr sought an experienced business angel from the healthcare industry who thoroughly believes in founders he works with and the business idea they’ve created. Johann fits this perfectly.  He has helped shape what mySugr is today and developed our long-term vision as a company developing products for people with diabetes’ day-to-day life.

Dr. Lutz Heinemann, Ph.D.
Lutz Heinemann


Co-founder of the Profile Institute for Metabolic Research GmbH in Neuss, Germany, and Senior Scientific Consultant and Advisor for the Profile Institute for Clinical Research in San Diego, CA, USA.

Prof. Dr. Lutz Heinemann has been working in diabetes research for over 25 years. He has published over 170 scientific papers and more than 80 reviews. In 2007 he was honored by the American Diabetes Technology Society with the “Leadership in Diabetes Technology” Award and in 2012 with the ” Leadership in Artificial Pancreas Development” Award.

Prof. Dr. Lutz Heinemann is a member of the editorial board of a number of diabetes-related publications and is also Chairman of the Association Diabetological Technology (AGDT) of the German Diabetes Society.

Jonathan Teklu


Jonathan is co-founder and partner of Springstar where he starts and supports internet ventures around the world. He led the investment in Casacanda (acquired by in 2012) and Airbnb, where he was part of the team leading the international rollout. Further, Jonathan is co-founder and chairman of Global Leads Group.

Jonathan started his first venture at the age of 15 and was elected as a Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum in 2012 when he built the Berlin Hub as the founding curator.

His early involvement in building successful tech startups combined with his experience living with Type 1 diabetes himself makes Jonathan a great advisor to mySugr.

Franz Wiesbauer

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Co-founder of 123sonography. Internist specialized in cardiology & epidemiology

He’s our first advisor and one our of our fiercest believers. Franz practiced medicine at the General Hospital of Vienna as an Internal Medicine doctor. Overseeing a clinic in one of the largest hospitals in the world provided vital experience and helped him understand the practical needs of health care professionals in today’s challenging care environment.

He has profound know-how in both, the tech- and medical industry. The combination of Franz’ medical and business background has been a critical asset for mySugr’s business strategy in this rapidly evolving medtech space.

Medical Advisors

Our Medical Advisory Board is made up of leading health care professionals specialized in different aspects of diabetes care whether it be patient education, endocrinology, behavioral psychology, or technology research and development. Equally important are the different geographies and cultures they work in across Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and N. America. Cultural influence is critical to understanding education and treatment. The global presence of mySugr required a diversity of medical advisors who have been integral in adapting our product to their respective regions.


Howard Zisser

Director at Sansum Diabetes Research Institute and Associate Professor at University of California Santa Barbara (USA)

Dr. Zisser is a leader in the field of diabetes technology overseeing the most advanced diabetes therapy research in the world including the ongoing Closed Loop Artificial Pancreas Trials. Watch his TED talk.

He is adamant about the importance of patient engagement and the difficulty people with diabetes face each and every day. He knows his patients are dealing with a 24/7 ordeal and aims to develop safe new technology that will help them with their needs.

Sylvie Picard

M.D. and PhD for Diabetes and Endocrinology (Dijon, France).

Dr. Picard’s commitment to diabetes is relentless and inspiring. She knows a different perspective than many health care professionals since she also has Type 1 diabetes herself.

Dr. Picard recognizes why it’s sometimes necessary to see the lighter side of things, even as people with diabetes! We all need a break sometime and she believes the fun aspect of mySugr will help her patients engage in better managing their diabetes therapy.

Ingrid Schütz

Diabetes and Nephrology, Hospital Hietzing (Vienna, Austria)

One of our first advisors. Ingrid was involved in the development of the therapy features of the first version of the mySugr companion and is since then supporting us with medical feedback. She is Austria’s fiercest advocate for the use of technology in diabetes therapy.

Ingrid was Frank’s first diabetologist who insisted to get data in a digital form and was Frank’s primary source for diabetes technology updates before he started mySugr. During the last 3 year Ingrid was not only our direct connection to the Austria’s diabetologist scene but also became a personal friend of the mySugr Co-Founder team.

Marianne König

Health Psychologist, AKH Wien (Vienna, Austria)

Marianne serves in an area that deserves much more attention in modern diabetes therapy: the psychological side effects of diabetes. Especially for children and teenagers, diabetes is a burden that has a significant psychological impact.

Marianne is Austria’s leading expert of psychological work with children with diabetes. Her expertise of working for several years with children with diabetes was an invaluable support  to develop the mySugr Junior App.

Gloria Yee

University of California San Francisco, Adult Endocrinology (San Francisco, USA)

Ms. Yee has specialized in teaching diabetes self management skills to patients for over 15 years and has written numerous articles on patient care and patient empowerment. Shee was the Diabetes Teaching Center’s specialist in new technologies and an important contributor to the Diabetes Education Online patient education website project.

Ms. Yee seeks to understand new diabetes technology in a fundamentally different way than most HCPs. She wants to know what it will do for the patient first and foremost and how she can help them make the most of it. Perhaps because she lives with diabetes herself, she insists on the highest quality for them and does everything she can to provide them with what they need and empower them to use it well.

Yumika Hishino

Diabetes And Lifestyle Center, Tomonaga Clinic (Tokyo, Japan)

Ms. Hishino brings with her a wealth of experience in educating people with diabetes both in the hospital and outpatient setting. She is interested in mobile health technology as a tool to help her patients engage with their diabetes, no matter what the age.

She believes the gamification of diabetes therapy will be particularly successful in the Asian culture as long as it is appropriately adapted which she is helping us do!

Pierre Yves Benhamou

Professor Diabetes and Endocrinology CHU Grenoble (France)

Dr. Benhamou believes that a fun tool for diabetes therapy is a much needed aspect that has never been shown to many of his insulin-using patients who are frustrated with the daily diabetes grind. He has overseen a number of clinical trials evaluating the use of diabetes smartphone apps and the back-end systems which support them.

He has extensive experience in the impact of mobile health technology in diabetes and leads discussions on the topic. He wants to find a way to introduce this aspect of therapy at strategic times in his patients’ life as early to diagnosis as possible.

Kais Abu Taha

Internal Medicine and Diabetes Specialist (Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates)

Dr. Abu Taha has practiced as a diabetes physician for more than 30 years in an area with one of the highest prevalences of diabetes in the world (23% of the population).  He has seen new technology come and gone and is a big believer in easy to use effective solutions for his patients.

Dr. Abu Taha is very committed to his patients and believes the smartphone is an important tool to get through to them with both educational and medical objectives.  He understands the danger of too much negative feedback and strongly prefers motivational/supportive initiatives like the experience mySugr offers since the Gulf Region is in dire need of new channels to reach people with diabetes.

Umberto Valentini

Center of Diabetology – Hospital of Brescia (Brescia, Italy)

Dr. Umberto Valentini dedicated his professional career to improve diabetic patients’ quality of life. Author and co-author of more than 90 scientific publications and speaker with more than 120 presentations at international congresses he is a specialist in intensive care of type 1 diabetics, therapeutic education, integrated diabetes management and quality.

Current Director of the Center of Diabetology at the Hospital of Brescia he covered several leading positions in the field of diabetology in Italy, being President of Associazione Medici Diabetologi (National Diabetologists Association) from 2005 to 2007 and President of Diabete Italia between 2011 and 2013, where he remains as member of the Board of Directors.

Christian Johner

Institute for Healthcare IT (Konstanz, Germany)

Prof. Dr. Christian Johner has been a supporter of mySugr since the beginning in all aspects of becoming a registered medical device. His passion is to encourage those who are at the junction of IT and healthcare, and share his extensive knowledge of both.
He developed a medical information system which is now used worldwide in hospitals and private practices. Currently, he and his team consult with numerous medical device manufacturers in Europe and the United States including several notified bodies.

As a professor, he taught at the University of Konstanz providing instruction on software architecture, software engineering, software quality assurance, and medical computer science. He is a lecturer at the University of Krems, the University of St. Gallen, and the University of Wurzburg and is the founder and director of the Institute for Healthcare IT.